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Welcome to Mojo Creations, we build tactile tools to train the soul. Unleash your potential by gaining wisdom, purpose and happiness.

Train the Soul

Awareness, compassion, gratitude, meaningful connections with others, letting go, giving and receiving love, having a sense of purpose in life are at the essence of growth. A life journey that brings out your true self and enables you to flourish and shine. We believe this can and should be available for everyone.

Tactile Tools

One of the most essential human ways to connect is by touching and feeling. It’s something we did from the moment we were born and without these senses, we would feel a bit lost and disconnected. It doesn’t matter just how many technological communications tools or apps we have, there’s nothing quite like having an object in your hand that you make a connection with, and unconsciously caressing it. And this is what we offer, tactile tools with technology; not for the sake of technology, but because it’s something we need.


“Gratitude is not only the mother of all virtues, but the parent of all others”. No one less than Cicero wrote this in 54 BC. We might be light years away from his wisdom but we did integrate gratitude as the virtue to train, in our first product. With the Pebblestone you count your blessings in a ten-week program and by training gratitude, you will focus more on what you have and what makes you happy instead of just wandering aimlessly through life.

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the Pebblestone – The easy path to constant gratitude

People who practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits. The Pebblestone enables your daily training.

Latest News

Pebblestone support – Video tutorials

In addition to the user manual of the Pebblestone we have made three user tutorials we hope are useful to you.

How to charge your Pebblestone
As a result of our priorities […]

Practice gratitude and improve your health

Developing a high awareness for your things you are grateful for can turn any bad day around and change your life.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.
Practicing […]

World Gratitude Day, a day to take time and reflect

Today is World Gratitude Day
Today is a day to take time to reflect with gratitude for being alive and being able to enjoy the benefits of life.
This day also provides us […]

Train your soul and find contentment and joy. This is what we call true wealth.

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