Showing Your Gratitude to the Ones You Love

Gratitude is being thankful for; people, situations and circumstances in life; what you have received, experienced and learned; resources within yourself; abundance within; what you give and forgive; your inner qualities; future positive experiences, prosperity and blessings” (Friedman, 1989 & 2000)
Effectiveness of gratitude
The construct and benefits of gratitude have been demonstrated in numerous studies, showing […]

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Practice gratitude and improve your health

Developing a high awareness for your things you are grateful for can turn any bad day around and change your life.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.
Practicing gratitude has a proven impact on your health. Grateful people are happy people.
If the increasing amount of (online) gratitude communities and practitioners haven’t convinced you, […]

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Gratitude trick: The power of turn around thinking

Some days it just seems hard to find things you are grateful for. Just remember whenever such a day occurs, it offers a great opportunity to experience the impact of gratitude, because you get a change to turn your day around and really feel the power of gratitude practice.

Turn around thinking

I recently came across a […]

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Gratitude Practice: ‘Why’ and ‘How’

We came across a publication of Carolyn Claire, Psychologist (CA) which offers a helpful perspective on gratitude practice. In an easy read of only three pages she reflects on the cultural origins of gratitude practice, how gratitude practice makes people happy and includes summarizes and references to scientific research. She also offers tips and tricks […]