World Gratitude Day, a day to take time and reflect

Today is World Gratitude Day
Today is a day to take time to reflect with gratitude for being alive and being able to enjoy the benefits of life.
This day also provides us all with a great opportunity to show our appreciation to a loved friend, a family member, a peer group or a friendly stranger.

Simply show your gratitude […]

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Sneak preview package design Pebblestone

What do you think?

We couldn’t resist revealing the final design of the pebblestone packaging concept. The package samples are on their way and we simply can’t wait. […]

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Kickstarter Launch Party

An impression from the Kickstarter launch party for the Pebblestone and Mojo Creations.

We’re grateful for this amazing short video of our Kickstarter launch party last Friday in Amsterdam.

Visit the Pebblestone at Kickstarter.

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Kickstarter Campaign Live

Designed by MOJO CREATIONS, the Pebblestone is a fitness tool for the soul. To put it in short, the Pebblestone is your gratitude coach. It supports you to develop a higher sense for gratitude by helping you consciously count your blessings on a daily basis.

We’re live now!

Go to Kickstarter and watch the video to learn […]

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