A collection of publications about scientific research regarding the experience and effect of the emotion ‘Gratitude’

Gratitude Practice: ‘Why’ and ‘How’

We came across a publication of Carolyn Claire, Psychologist (CA) which offers a helpful perspective on gratitude practice. In an easy read of only three pages she reflects on the cultural origins of gratitude practice, how gratitude practice makes people happy and includes summarizes and references to scientific research. She also offers tips and tricks […]

Counting blessings and the effect on your brain

It’s in our nature to focus on burdens

During our user-tests one of the first questions was what the applicant tester was more likely to remember; positive events or negative events? ┬áThe outcome was in line with what psychologists know to be a fact: We are programmed to focus on our burdens. This serves us if […]

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What inspired us to develop The Pebblestone?

For some of us, the science and the practice of gratitude is a well-known phenomenon. NLP practitioners and coaching professionals often work with it, those of us with an interest in self-development might have experience with it but for others it might be a new concept which might raise questions. ‘What is regarded as scientific?’, […]

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