The Beneficial Effects of Expressing Gratitude

Although happiness is sometimes perceived as a state that can be reached by achieving some goal or acquiring some possession (e.g., “I would be happy if only …”), psychological research suggests that happiness is more related to being grateful for what we already have. In this article, we will dive into the effects of gratitude.

What […]

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How Gratitude Can Spark Romantic Relationships

One of my favourite articles about gratitude is written by Sarah Algoe, Shelley Gable, and Natalya Maisel (2010). They wrote about the interpersonal effects of gratitude and indebtedness in romantic relationships. The outcome was very powerful and the research setup can be used as a positive psychology intervention for couples.
Gratitude and Indebtedness
In a romantic relationship, […]

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9 Best Books on Gratitude

Did you ever get a feeling that grows bigger than yourself? Something that involves other people or circumstances, yet has a little part of you? Most likely, there are a lot of feelings that have this feature, but the one I mean is gratitude.

Something wonderful has happened to you because someone or something else caused […]

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Gratitude: A Deeper Appreciation

There is a variety of things that can conjure positive feelings of appreciation, or gratitude.  A well thought out thank you, instead of a half-hearted, “Thanks,” often leaves people feeling pretty good. Perhaps there was a moment that you can reflect on, that involved strong feelings of gratitude?

However big or small, thinking of a time […]

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Gratitude Exercise: The Can of White Heinz Beans

In this article, I’m going to share with you one of my all-time favourite gratitude exercises called ‘The Can of White Heinz Beans’.

Now this may seem a little bit odd at first, but that doesn’t stop me from performing the following exercise once a week.
On to the gratitude exercise…
For this exercise you’re going to need:

a […]

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