Some days it just seems hard to find things you are grateful for. Just remember whenever such a day occurs, it offers a great opportunity to experience the impact of gratitude, because you get a change to turn your day around and really feel the power of gratitude practice.

Turn around thinking

I recently came across a pinterest post which was very helpful to me. It showed a list of examples of how ‘turn around thinking’ turns burdens into blessings. It not only made me enjoy the most dreadful household chores, but I also found this method applicable to many other situations. Whenever I experience something as a burden, I keep suprising myself how a paradigm shift totally brightens my mood. It is almost effortless. And if I do not succeed in turning it around totally, I make it at least much less of a burden.

Examples of my burdens turned to blessings:

– Cycling in the rain, cold = Fresh exercise!
– Work to do= Change to feel fulfillment and achieve succes
– Noisy neighbours = Contact moment
– Garbage to take out = Being serviced with clean environment, money to consume,  jobs for garbage men
– Traffic jam = Choice to drive a car
– Early sunday ‘move’ = Friend to help

Gratitude trick- Turn around thinking

 List as found on pinterest by Chelsea Lee Smith,