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the Pebblestone

Grateful people are happy people

The first step to improving your wellbeing is gratitude. It stimulates the hypothalamus (linked to the autonomic nerve system) and enhances the production of dopamine (feel-good hormone). Forming a habit to practice gratitude creates increased awareness, focus, and positivity for yourself and others in your everyday life.


How to practice gratitude

Being aware of your positive experiences is key. Then, setting a clear target for positive moments and experiences and taking a second to be grateful for them as and when they occur.


Designed to make your gratitude practice:


1) Tangible

Inspired by monks carrying a pebble as a gratitude reminder, the Pebblestone assists you to turn grateful moments into a positive daily ritual with each recorded blessing.

2) Measurable

It takes 10 weeks to implement a new habit. During this period, the Pebblestone prompts you to remember to count each blessing using an innovative light, color, and numeral display.

3) Shareable

Anyone can benefit from the Pebblestone. If you can part with your Pebblestone after 10 weeks, we kindly suggest you pass it on to someone else, spreading the positivity to their lives .

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