Developing a high awareness for your things you are grateful for can turn any bad day around and change your life.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others.
Practicing gratitude has a proven impact on your health. Grateful people are happy people.
If the increasing amount of (online) gratitude communities and practitioners haven’t convinced you, then try arguing with science.

Professionals in the field of psychology and neuro-science got triggered by the impact-stories of gratitude practitioners. This lead to a series of scientific studies on how gratitude effects your brain and your body. What were their findings? Gratitude stimulates the hypothalamus (responsible for your autonomic nerve system), enhances the production of dopamine (the happy hormone) and boosts your immune system.

However, increasing your awareness for grateful moments takes practice and since it is such an intangible ‘activity’, how do you start? Well, training is much easier when you can set a clear training target and if you can keep track of your progress.

Engage in a gratitude challenge.

Practicing gratitude within a peer group like an online gratitude community is usually successful because they define a clear target for you, mostly ranging from a 21 to a 100 day gratitude challenge. Next they combine it with peer support to keep you motivated and engaged.
The Pebblestone supports a 70 day (10 weeks) gratitude challenge. Why?

Developing a habit takes time. 

Urban (or online…) legends tell us people develop a new habit in 21 days, claiming that if you perform a habit every day for 21 days, it will become a second nature. Sounds wonderful, but unfortunately it is not true. The average amount of time to form a new habit is 66 days. So we developed the Pebblestone to support you during a gratitude challenge of 70 days (10 weeks).

How does it work?


Check the sneak preview of the package design

  • Touch, tap and store your daily moments of gratitude.

The Pebblestone is designed as a tactile reminder to count your moments of gratitude on a daily basis. It works as a smart and elegantly designed pocket-token to help you focus on gratitude and start great conversations on the importance of gratitude practice.

  • The Pebblestone offers reminders and performance feedback.

The Pebblestone is enriched with technology to make your practice measurable by tracking your gratitude practice over a 10 week time frame. During this time it will give you practice reminders and performance feedback.

After a 10 week training, you will find you will feel more resilien, content and happy. If you can part with your Pebblestone, we suggest you pass the Pebblestone on to a loved one and share your experiences to motivate others.