What do you think?

We couldn’t resist revealing the final design of the pebblestone packaging concept. The package samples are on their way and we simply can’t wait.

The package is made to last at least 5-7 users. Pass it on!

The pebblestone supports a 100 day training objective (note: we recently increased the training period with 30 days). Meaning that after 100 days you have grown a habit for consciously counting your daily blessings and experienced the impact. Mojo Creations actively promotes passing the pebblestone on to a loved one after you are done with your training. We hopeĀ oneĀ pebblestone will support at least 5 users. That way we spread the practice of gratitude together and increase its positive impact.

We designed the packaging to match that mission. It is a beautiful gift box, it’s practical and sustainable.