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Pebblestone Support

In addition to the user manual of the pebblestone we have made three user tutorials we hope are useful to you.

How to charge your Pebblestone

As a result of our priorities for an aesthetic design, the connectors between the pebblestone and the base are quite delicate. Make sure the Pebblestone is well connected with the base. If the pebblestone shows a red light not all pins are connected properly. Simply adjust it a little until the pebblestone confirms a good connection by blinking a white light once.

The pebblestone confirms it is charging by showing a blue light in it’s front. The blue light will go out if the pebblestone is fully charged.

Please watch this video for instructions.

How to count a blessing

If you want to count a blessing, you need to activate your pebblestone with a double tap. The sensor technology is quite refined to avoid accidental activation in your bag, or pocket. As a result, the activation method is quite specific. But when you get the hang of it, it is very simple.

Please watch this video if you encounter problems with the activation of your Pebblestone.

How to reset your pebblestone

We hope you will support our mission to spread the practice of gratitude. Once you have grown a natural habit for counting your blessings, we hope you will pass your pebblestone on to a loved one. You will need to reset your pebblestone and empty its memory.

Please note that the reset for the Pebblestone V1.1 is a little different. Please follow the instructions in the video at the bottom of this page.

Please watch this instruction video and learn how to reset your Pebblestone.

How to reset your Pebblestone V1.1

Please watch this instruction video and learn how to reset your Pebblestone V1.1. (release May 2015)

If you have any further questions, please mail us:

With gratitude,

Team Mojo Creations

Frequently Asked Questions

The ins and outs of the Pebblestone

The Pebblestone is a fitness tool for the soul. It supports your developing a higher sense of gratitude as a second nature, and it helps you to regularly and consciously count your blessings.

Consumer price is € 79.00 incl. VAT.

The Pebbelstone will be available on October 2014.

The Pebblestone can be ordered worldwide and can be shipped to any location.

To be confirmed later.

The Pebblestone can be ordered worldwide and we ship internationally.

The Pebblestone is not (splash-) water resistant, but can be cleansed with a damp cloth or tissue.

The Pebblestone is manufactured according to NEN-EN-IEC 62075 standards.

The Pebblestone is not a connectivity tool. Other than the electricity wire, it requires no contact with other appliances.The base does not have a battery of its own so it needs to be plugged in in order to keep track of time, download blessings from the Pebblestone, keep score and charge the Pebblestone. The Pebblestone does have it’s own battery of course.

Base – length/width/height: 9.1 cm x 9.1 cm x 1.8 cm | Pebblestone size length/width/height: 6.2 cm x 4.0 cm x 1.5 cm.

The Pebblestone is made of pc/abs plastic, wood composite with a silicone soft touch coating.

LiPo 75 mAH max output, 5V 0.5A micro-usb input. NB: The docking station has no battery of its own. It needs to be plugged in to be operational.

Standby time is two weeks. Upon regular use, the Pebblestone battery should last around 10 days. It stores up to 150 blessings before it needs to be recharged. But don’t forget to dock the Pebblestone so that you can charge it and track all of your new blessings.

Easy! You carry the Pebblestone with you, daily. Every time you experience a moment you are grateful for, you give thanks by simply tracking it through the Pebblestone using our motion sensor. This small ritual will count and store that blessing. The Pebblestone’s base tracks your gratitude practice and gives you feedback everytime you dock the Pebblestone to upload your blessings.

The Pebblestone helps you coach yourself by simply tracking your counted blessings within a 10 week timeframe and gives you feedback and incentives on your gratitude practice. The 10 week timeframe is based on the amount of time people need to form a habit.

Preferably yes. It is your gratitude token and helps to facilitate a tactile, mindful moment of gratitude. You can keep it at home and reflect on your gratifications when you come home every day, but reflection is oppossed to a mindful experience. A mindful experience implies an experience in the now. And it is beneficial to appreciate the moment, in the moment and not afterwards.

Yes, you can reset the Pebblestone manually to either restart your own training or pass the Pebblestone on to someone else.

The funding will be used for production of the Pebblestone, in research and development for new products.

Love and thanks on the spot and other rewards come together with your Pebblestone in October 2014.

The Pebblestone is only available in one unique color.

Shipping costs are included for Kickstart backers, when relevant..

Using the Pebblestone makes you more aware and can lead to more moments of gratitude.

Train your soul and find contentment and joy. This is what we call true wealth.

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